Iontophoresis: This term has been widely used in the medical world and is now finding its way into the world of Iontophoresis cosmetics delivery. What? Why? And why can’t I say it? I’ll break it down for you, Ionto-for-e-sis. This is a form of active transdermal drug delivery that has been used for many years to treat Sub Acute Local inflammations. It is used to help with pain and reduces inflammation. Scientists and dermatologists have now found that this technology can also be used for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons to drive the molecules of various ionic compounds deeper into the skin.

Typically, only a fraction of cosmetic serums and creams are able to penetrate the outermost area of the epidermis (the outside layer of the skin). With iontophoresis you are able to push the Ionic agents through the epidermis and into the dermis which is the layer of skin that is responsible for elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis.

Are we totally lost yet? Think about it this way: if my anti-aging serums are not able to penetrate the skin deeper, how is it able to be effective? How can it lighten up dark spots? With iontophoresis you are trans-dermally transporting a charged serum or cream (ionic compounds) deeper into the skin. . Micro DC current has a plus polarity and a negative polarity. A negative electrical charge will repel a negative solution deeper into the skin than the creams alone? So if we put a negatively charged substance underneath a negatively charged device then, what happens? The serum is pushed deeper into the dermis! This is also true for positive serums. This technology is what has inspired dEppatch to create their micro current cosmetic devices. The full face mask and the under eye patches propel the 20% Vitamin C serum (or any other Ionic serums) into the skin with the same Iontophretic technology that has been used in the medical world to deliver compounds more effectively.  dEppatch micro current technology reduces the appearance of dark spots, under eye circles while lightening, tightening and brightening skin.

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