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Factors That Cause Hyperpigmentation

Dark and brown spots can make your complexion uneven and limit the ability to achieve flawless look many women and men are after. If you suffer from hyper-pigmentation, know the facts of what causes this very common skin condition. 


1. Hyperpigmentation is caused when melanin is overproduced in the skin. 

2. Sun exposure can cause what is commonly known as "age spots" and pigmentation commonly found on the face and arms and other body parts frequently exposed to sunlight. When you are exposed to UV light from the sun, your body produces inflammatory mediators or hormones that activate melanin production. 

3. Melasma is a form of hyperpigmentation that is caused when hormones are unbalanced in the body. 

4. Hyperpigmentation can also occur after a skin injury or trauma, most commonly associated with acne. But, cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion and laser treatment can cause hyperpigmentation. Again, melanin is produced via an inflammatory response. 

Understanding the causes of hyper pigmentation can make this skin condition more easily treatable. Speak to a skincare professional about the source of your hyper pigmentation, but most hyper pigmentation can be treated with the at-home use of topical and reducing sun exposure. 

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