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Sports Band Watch, Heart Rate Monitor, and Sleep Tracker

Sports Band Watch, Heart Rate Monitor, and Sleep Tracker

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Get in your desired shape with the best sports band watch.

Achieving a fatless waist and an alluring body shape can be a bit costly. With our affordable sports band watch, you can be more active without breaking a sweat.

For the most part, fitness trackers tend to be relatively cheap anyway, which means that picking the right watch for you can be tricky in the slew to choose from. We have rounded down some of the key specs and features of our sports band watch to help you further while making your purchase hassle-free. 

sports band watch

Reasons to Buy 

Multiple activity modes - The sports band watch works in various sports modes to track all sorts of running, cycling, and cross-training activities.

Affordable- This sports band falls for the favorite cheap fitness trackers. Considering the low price of this fitness gear, there's a lot to love about this health band. 

It comes with GPS, an accurate heart rate tracker, a waterproof design and there's even a vivid screen to display all of your stats. At this price, you can't ask for much more.

A Fitness Coach with Tech Built-In - Bears an accurate run and step tracking, accompanied with eco-friendly credentials. It is also adorned with the novel's ability to measure more unusual things, such as your stride length and ground contact time, making it an ideal choice for runners and basketball players.

Compatible with your smartphone - This band notifies you of a call or message with the person's name and phone number. It is compatible with Android Version 4.4 and higher, iOS Version 8.0.

A simple wearable sports watch that push notification from your smartphone and track your workouts with built-in GPS

Crisp Color Display that’s Visible in Sunlight- The vivid display on the sports band measure 0.96 inches with a full-color HD display along with a wide range of distinguishable colors.

Long Battery Life - With long battery life and low power consumption, it accompanies you all along your fitness journey making your health goals achievable.