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5 surprising reasons of Sun spots on skin

Our skin ages over time and gives out a lackluster appearance. You look into the mirror and your skin looks almost flat, grey and rusty-like. All of this could be the sign of a dull skin tone. Dull skin is not radiant. It lacks luster and shine and does not give out a fresh glowy look. Dull skin has a texture that may be somewhat coarse, or even flaky and pale. Your skin can say a lot about your health. As radiant skin tells that your health is well, taking in a nutrition-rich diet and following a sleep schedule. Likewise, dull skin represents an unhealthful lifestyle. Poor diet and having an irregular sleeping pattern are the primary causes of dull skin. In addition to this, not wearing sunscreen while moving out in the sun and not properly removing the makeup also causes your skin to lose its texture and glow. To keep our skin youthful and reversing the sun damage on the face, we need to take care of it. Follow a good skincare routine as well as eat nutritious food. Maintain a healthy sleeping schedule and avoid using products that may harm your skin, for instance, use skincare products with mild ingredients if you have sensitive skin. We have assembled a few reasons that may be the cause of your skin getting dull with time. Let’s study five main causes one at a time and see how it affects our skin and what can we do to avoid them. 

Dehydration- The Main Reason for sunspots on skin

Vitamin C Serum

Taking an adequate amount of water content is necessary to keep our skin hydrated. If you do not keep your skin hydrated, it will cause further problems like a grey and flaky appearance. Life today is fast and busy, keeping track of those 14 glasses of water may get real hefty or you may forget taking them at all! It leads to your skin getting dehydrating and losing its youthful appearance. The water content of the skin ups and downs real quick. Skin receives water from bathing and normally loses it to the surroundings when the humidity level is below 85% in the form of perspiration or sweating. The outer layer of your skin called the Stratum Corneum has waterproofing capabilities, it swells or deflates with gain or loss of water respectively. In actuality, the dead cells which are called corneocytes can swell as much as half of their size when completely hydrated. Fully inflated corneocytes are your ticket to instantly rejuvenated, glowing and radiant skin. Try using products like Vitamin C Serum to reduce sun spots and keep your skin hydrated and drinks lots of water.

Sun damage (one of the common reason for dark circles on body)

When you roam about under the sun for a prolonged period of time without putting on sunscreen, your skin gets tan. Tanning of the skin is its way of protection against the sun. At times, you may like the tan but with time it darkens and appears leatherlike. The Stratum Corneum thickens giving your skin a dull appearance.

What you can do to treat it is to use a sunblock with an SPF of 30 or more. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading out in the Sun. Give it time to get absorbed into your skin and make a shield against the Ultra Violet Radiations. Investing in a good sunscreen would be your favor to yourself.


Dull skin due to stresss

Life is the name of ups and downs. Some time in life due to some issues, work-related or personal, we get depressed and take the stress. It affects our skin a lot. Fine lines and wrinkles appear around our eyes giving our skin a more displeasing look. We need to understand that these are the parts of life and what we can do is to just go with the flow rather stressing out so much and ruining our health. 


Not Consuming a Nutritious Diet

We are what we eat. Maintaining a healthy diet is as important as looking after your skin problems externally. A good nutritious diet helps your body get stronger and gives your skin a natural glow. Include foods like fish, walnuts, avocados in your diet. Try to use virgin olive oil. Green tea, Leafy vegetables, and citrus fruits are good for your skin. Lighten your sugar cravings with a fruit salad or take a bit off of your favorite dark chocolate.

Disturbed Sleep Cycle

Maintaining a sleep schedule is very important. It may be your ticket to the fastest way to reduce dark circles and fine lines around your eyes. It helps combats under-eye circles and puffiness. Our body gets tired and it needs enough amount of time to take rest and be ready to carry on daily activities again. If you skip sleep, your body shows signs of tiredness. Few of those are skin aging, appearing of fine lines and wrinkles and skin loosening. Make it your habit to use a face mask once a week. It tightens your skin and reduces the visibility of the wrinkles. Apart from this, follow a sleep schedule and try to get that 7 hours of sleep daily to keep your glowing and radiant.

Our skin is our treasure and asset. A healthy-looking youthful skin looks pleasing whereas a dull skin looks unpleasant and may lead to skin problems. Therefore, keeping the care of the skin is very important.