dEpPatch Product Guide | The Original Reusable Micro-Current Patch


Get stunning results with scientifically backed technology!

Reusable up to 8-12 treatments depending on skin condition, made in the USA, clinically tested.

Powered patches to boost your natural skin!


Easy + Simple Skincare Solutions

Our kits are a great solution to your skincare problems! The dEpPatch is a reusable, non-invasive internal microcurrent patch which can be used for 8 - 12 treatments.  When applied to the skin the power activates. 


All-natural Specially Formulated Serums

We created our serums to be all-natural, cruelty-free, and effective! They work great on their own, but for enhanced results use them together with our microcurrent patches and mask.


Deeper Penetration = Faster Results!

The microcurrent technology allows our specially formulated 20% Vitamin C serum to penetrate the skin deeper for faster, stunning results! 


Testimonials from the Doctors

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Dr. Mark Taylor, MD - World-renowned dermatologist

“The difference between this product and any other device on the market is in the application of a medically proven technology to effectively transport high potency negatively charged antioxidant vitamins into the skin for optimum improvement in the appearance of skin texture, tone, wrinkles and abnormal skin pigmentation.”

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Dr. Richard Anderson, MD - Specialties include oculoplastic, facial plastic and cosmetic surgery

“I have been able to observe significant, and sometimes dramatic, improvements in skin quality, fine wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation.”

We recommend the Under Eye Kit for:

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How To Use Under Eye Kit

We recommend the Full Face Kit for:


How To Use Full Face Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the dEpPatch stick to the skin?

dEpPatch adheres to the skin via a medical grade hydrogel. This hydrogel retains it’s ability to adhere for the skin for 8-12 treatments.

How long should the patches be worn each session?

It is recommended that the patches be worn for 60 minutes for the first session and then 30 minutes for each additional session, twice a week, adding up to eight total sessions.

Will I experience any sensations while using the dEpPatch?

Key benefits of the dEpPatch micro-current technology is that it is a safe, non invasive, virtually painless process. You may experience a metallic taste or slight stinging/tingling sensation as the micro-current activates. Both are normal and safe sensations with mask use.

Can I use my other products under the dEp patch?

Do not use any other products underneath the dEpPatch. The C+ Infusing Serum is specially formulated to be used with the micro-current technology.

My skin is sensitive. Am I able to use the mask?

dEpPatch is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

Is it safe to use the patches/mask if I am pregnant?

dEpPatch is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. The serums are all-natural ingredients.

I have my nose/lip/eyebrow/skin pierced. Can I keep it in while during my mask session?

You cannot keep in facial jewelry while using the mask as it will cause a current concentration with the metal and may cause irritation.

How do I clean my mask between sessions?

It is not necessary to clean your mask or patches in between sessions. If it is dropped or accidentally set down on a dirty surface you make wipe the patches or mask off with isopropyl alcohol wipes.

Can I use the mask after botox or injectables?

It is recommended to wait 72 hours after botox to use your mask.

Can I use the product/mask if I am using retinols?

You may use retinols before or after your mask treatment, just be sure to completely remove all products before applying your Vitamin C+ Infusing Serum and mask.

Can the patch be worn on or near an open wound?

It is recommended that the wound be closed for 2-4 weeks before applying cosmetic patches.