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  • 24K Gold Face Mask for Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Facial Treatment Pore Minimizer, Acne Scar Treatment & Blackhead Remover
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  • Dark Spot Correcting + Anti Aging Cream
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  • Under Eye Patches - One Month Treatment Kit
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  • Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum
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Thoughts from the doctors!

Powered Results

Other patches are really good at just sitting on the skin- we designed our patches to work deeper. 



Medical grade, hypoallergenic, made hydrogel makes dEpPatch undereye patches reusable up to 8-12x


Serums Included

Each microcurrent kit comes with paired serums to maximize your results. They work great by themselves too!



What sets us apart?

The dEpPatch product line is designed, manufactured, and distributed by ActivaDerm, Inc. The products are not merely skincare essentials that help cover your skincare problems, but instead are skincare essentials that repair, revitalize, and work deep in the core to boost your skin!

The best skincare products can be found at dEpPatch.

The product line is a complete, mutually inclusive treatment!

It all starts off with the liquid gold Vitamin C serum, which is a natural dark spot corrector that remove bags under eyes while also targeting hyperpigmentation & inflammation. It tackles all these conditions by promoting self-healing mechanisms of the skin, plus the antioxidants firm up the skin and promote collagen production. Vitamins A & E provide hydration and brighten damaged tissues for a natural glow.

In order to amp up the results of this miraculous serum, we created a micro-current patch mask. It looks like a simple sheet mask or simple undereye patches, but the microcurrent technology allows a hands-free treatment helping the Vitamin C serum seep deeper into the skin healing at the root of the problem and not just improving the external outlook. The micro-current patches and masks are available as reusable under-eye patches or a full-face kit, each can be re-used 8 to12 times!!

The mix of all-natural ingredients and modern technology is what makes our products the best anti-aging and dark spot correctors.

Finish it all up with an Anti-Aging + natural dark spot correcting cream that prevents the further formation of dark spots, reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes, current dark spots and scar pigmentation. 


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