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Benefits of UV Light Sterilizer Wand - Why UV Sterilizer is better than a Sanitizer?

The world has well versed some waterless ways of hand sanitization in recent times, for example, the frequent use of hand sanitizers. A very few drops of sanitizer helps you get rid of bacteria that your hands have drawn from places you have been in contact with. Perhaps, you do the same for your mobile screen, however, a lot of reasons limit you from doing this. 

The sanitizers aren’t friendly for your phone or laptop screen because of Alcohol concentration, nevertheless, Apple has declared it safe. But the truth is, not all tech corporations are aligned on the same page, you might be using a different phone. Or, other than your mobile phone, there are many households that could be a reason for getting shielded with bacteria's.



To bring ease in kicking away bacteria from households and the screen of frequently used gadgets, Deppatch aids you with UV Light Sterilizer Wand.

What is UV Light Sterilizer Wand?

Sterilizer Wand accompanies to clean the surface of households and other components that commonly remain in contact with us, such as mobile phone, doorknob, table, bed, water bottles, or any other entity of our daily life. UV Light Sterilizer is a compact and lightweight gadget that produces UVC light to sanitize microorganisms, viruses, molds, microbe, germs, and deadly bacteria. Sterilizer Wand statistically cleans 99% of unwelcomed germs from surfaces and commonly recommended by FDA. Worthy to note, the continuous use of Sterilizer Wand does not harm the skin or households. 


How frequently used gadgets and households overlaid by bacteria?

The world is flooded with bacteria, meaning that every inch of the world can have bacteria on it. We roam around the entire day for different reasons, touching countless things intentionally or unintentionally. For example, we go to the office and usually place the phone on the table which is typically not disinfected in the majority of cases. The phone undoubtedly gets influenced by bacteria and other cruel germs, not appealing for human health. 

Some mobile addicts use the mobile phone in toilets which unintentionally welcome Fecal bacteria. Other than mobile addicts, some pet lovers never hesitate to bring their pets on their bed which is also a welcome card to bacteria, brought by the pets’ hairs. 

Unquestionably, the aforementioned acts are very common and bring bacteria to households and other frequently used gadgets. Deppatch UV Light Sterilizer Wand disinfect all such bacteria and germs.

Benefits of UV Light Sterilizer Wand?

No involvement of Chemicals 

When we talk about disinfectants that have some chemical concentration involved, we should not forget the fact about their limitations on different platforms. Whereas, the UV Sterilizer Wand uses a light emitter, not chemicals. Thus, UV Sterilizer Wand works better to disinfect surfaces.

Disinfectant chemicals, found in hand sanitizers, cleaning agents, and sprays can damage the important coating from your mobile screen or any other electronic appliance. Not just mobile phones or laptops, the households have benefited from the UV Light Sterilizer as well. Commonly used stuff like the bed, table, or shelf where you cannot apply the liquids, UV sterilizer efficiently removes the bacteria. 

Can be used on bigger surfaces

When you are on the cusp of disinfecting bigger items such as the floor, bed, couch, rack or some other objects, you cannot apply liquids, or even if you can, you require an impressive amount of the cleaning agent. Deppatch’s UV light Sterilizer Wand kicks away surface germs in 30seconds. So, one-time investment brings ease for ages. 


No need to charge

After hearing the unbelievable wonders of Sterilizer Wand, some people assume it to rely on a direct source of power. Indeed it is not true. The portable UV light Sterilizer doesn’t need electricity or a big source of power, it lasts long with small batteries.

Easy Grip and Easy to Carry

The size of the UV light Sterilizer Wand is inverse to the number of miracles it does. The little size of it makes it simple to carry along on excursions. Not simply the size, its convenient grip is engaging as well. While disinfecting big objects, it doesn’t annoy the user with its comprehensive grip. 


Deppatch has your back to assist you in limiting the utilization of fluid disinfectants. It is lightweight, easy to carry, and cleans a bigger number of microorganisms than a standard container of sanitizer can.