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Do Genetics Play a Role in Fine Lines and Wrinkles? How to Reverse Sun Damage on Face

No doubt about it, fine lines and wrinkles are a part of aging. But not
all of us age in the same way. Two people can be the same age and
their skin looks totally different. What determines this? Do genetics
predispose us to wrinkles?

That’s partially true. While genetics plays a role, people with fair skin
are more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles. Add to the mix those
who have experienced excessive sun exposure and/or who smoke or
have smoked.

How do we know the sun, or elements in general influence the health
and quality of our skin? Wrinkles mainly appear on skin that is exposed
to the sun. The face, neck, back of hands and forearms are typical.
Do skin creams help at all or are they a waste of money?

Best Product to Reduce Pores and Wrinkles

Many creams have powerful active ingredients that work well. Sadly,
only 5% of all skin creams are able to penetrate the outer most layer of
our skin. This prevents the active ingredients from reaching the deeper
layers of our skin.

The dEpPatch solves this problem using a low, painless, direct microcurrent
technology to help transport the active ingredients deeper into
the skin.

How do we know it works? Studies have shown that active ingredients
penetrate the skin layers 300% more than any other topical creams or
masks available.

The dEpPatch combines technology with science to Revolutionize
skincare. Microcurrent technology was flooding the market. The
problem was, most of it was ineffective. It did nothing but pull the skin
and cause more damage. We patented and manufactured the first
reusable internal micro current patch technology. It’s both easy and
safe to use and also reverse sun damage on face. It is the best product to reduce pores and wrinkles.

How Does dEpPatch Stick to The Skin?

A medical-grade hydrogel allows dEpPatch to adhere to the skin. This
hydrogel retains its ability to adhere for 8-12 treatments, making
dEpPatch a great value because it’s reusable.

There is no reason to suffer from small lines and wrinkles, or to age
before your time. Try dEpPatch and experience the proven benefits
for yourself.