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Get a Face Lift at Home Reusable Face Mask

Everyone desires to have the perfect looking glowing skin with no dark spots. But with age and due to environmental factors, our skin ages. Being in the Sun for long without using an SPF sunscreen harms the upper layer of skin-epidermis. The Epidermis is responsible for maintaining a skin tone. The damaged or ruined Epidermis would only imbalance the skin tone and texture, leading to skin aging. Melasma- a common skin condition in which greyish black and brown patches appear around your face, on cheeks, forehead, nose bridge, and around the upper lips. It can affect other parts that are exposed to the sun a lot, such as the neck and the forearms. 

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The layer is lower to the Epidermis is Dermis. The Dermis contains the tight connective tissues. When the Epidermis is affected, it affects the lower Dermis, which causes the loosening of the skin. Then fine lines alternatively called the crow's feet and the age-old phenomena the wrinkles follow. All of this contributes to skin sagging.

There are a variety of solutions to tighten the skin or to lift the face. Surgical and non-surgical both types of treatments are available. Surgically lifting your face is a quick way to this problem, but it is painful and expensive! There are several non-surgical ways to tighten your skin and lift your face. Lifting your face defines your features and reverses the signs of the aging- wrinkles and crow's feet. We have built a list of essential things that you can take into consideration to lift your face at home.

Apply SunScreen

Love getting that natural bronzer? You might want to consider the options other than baking in the Sun or the tanning beds. Use Spray Tans instead. When you move out in the Sun, apply a good SPF sunscreen to protect your skin against UV radiation. The best way to reverse sun damage on your skin is to apply a good serum or sunblock before moving out.

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Invest in a good quality skin tightening face mask. Skin tightening face masks lift your facial skin and elevate your features. Use these masks to firm up your collagen that makes up your skin. Skin tightening face masks tighten the muscles under the skin onto the dermis layer.

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Healthy Diet

You are what you eat! Eating healthy would make you healthy. Be conscious of the type of food you are eating. Include green vegetables like Broccoli, cabbage, green peppers, and juicy fruits like oranges in your diet. Fruits are a great source of vitamin C, which is necessary for keeping your skin hydrated, moisturized, and young.

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It cannot be stressed enough, taking in the recommended amount of water every day is vital to keep your internals refreshed and working properly. Dehydration causes dry patches on our skin not taking care of them properly leads to damaged and loose skin. Therefore, do yourself a favour and keep yourself hydrated.

Slow and steady wins the race. By following these steps you will surely be able to lift your face and tighten your skin to its original shape but it will take time. Every good thing takes time to happen so no worries. Happy Skin Caring y’all! 
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