How does dEpPatch's skincare work?

How does dEpPatch's skincare work?

The dEpPatch product line is designed and manufactured to treat skin issues like melasma and hyperpigmentation, where the problem persists beyond the realms of regular skin issues. The Activa Derm, Inc. group realized the need for long term non-invasive treatment for these superficial skin issues. There was a lack of products and treatments that catered to these individuals. After extensive research and development, the team drew the conclusion that Vitamin C plays a very effective role when treating skin issues like melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and wrinkles. 

Now, the struggles entailed developing a product that delivers the right amount of Vitamin C to not just the upper layer of the dermis but penetrated to the problem areas where it could have lasting effects on the individual’s skin.

Microcurrent Patch Kits

The microcurrent patch kits by dEpPatch consist of 3 items:

  • Vitamin C serum
  • Microcurrent face mask/ under eye patch
  • Night out whitening cream

Let’s get to the serum later being the magical elixir that it is because you will find a lot of similar looking products in the market. But what takes dEpPatch above and beyond are the face masks. These face masks utilize micro current charges to push the ionic charges of Vitamin C taking it deeper within the skin tackling the issue at a root level. The effectiveness of the mask was tested via liquid chromatography to identify the penetration level of Vitamin C. 

These patches provide between 8-12 uses as it adheres to the skin via a medical grade hydrogel. Upon use, you may experience a slight tingling sensation or a metallic taste which is completely normal. These patches are AH-MAZING, but they are specifically designed to work with the deppatch cream and serums, so avoid using it with anything else. And seeking of the serum and cream let’s see what’s so magical about the Liquid Gold Serum & white out cream.

Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum

dEpPatch’s liquid gold serum is specially formulated with all natural ingredients to provide the best results for all skin types. It is a cruelty-free, hypoallergenic formula so that even the most sensitive skins can reap the benefits. Vitamin C is monumental in the correction of superficial discoloration of the skin, but the problem that arises with natural ingredients is that they are more difficult to administer and have less penetration power. That is where our experts figured out the perfect solution. However, if you just want to use the serum it is available individually. The serum has a thicker viscosity than other products to make it last the entire night; hence it’s best to use it as a part of your night time routine. 

Our liquid gold serum has been thoroughly tested and has resulted in a mean 73% improvement among people that used it for 12-24 sessions.

Dark Spot Correcting + Anti Aging Cream

The WHIT OUT Lightening Cream is formulated to seal the deal after the entire treatment session. This too is formulated with naturally occurring ingredients that help in prevention of further dark spot formation along with relaying anti-aging benefits. You can check out the ingredient details on the product page by clicking on the heading.