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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles from Under Eyes?

Dark circles are an age-old phenomenon. While some of the factors that cause dark circles are not in our hands, such as, age and genetics other factors are, such as, long exposures to sun, drinking an inadequate amount of water, and such. The skin layer around the eyes is thin and has almost no oil glands in it. Therefore, this part of your facial skin is more prone to damage than the other ones. You should take proper care of your skin in general by following a specified routine for your skin type. You need to take note that your skin would be the first thing that people notice about you intentionally or unintentionally while meeting you. So, why not take care of it in the first place? Keeping and maintaining a good skincare routine may demand commitment in the beginning but when you get used to it, you will see yourself voluntarily being concerned and cautious about it. 

The Fastest Way to Reduce Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circle under eye

There is nothing as such as the fastest way to reduce the dark circles from under eyes. Everything takes time and in this case, effort. You need to start a proper skincare routine to look after that sensitive under-eye region. Treatments may be old home remedies or medical dermatologists recommended, either way, better results are obtained by the proper care. Effective home remedies to remove or lighten the under eye dark circles have inherited to us from our grandmothers who swear by them. 

Sleep Enough!

How to get Rid from dark circle

Doctors recommend a 6-9 hours sleep schedule for the individuals. People not sleeping and giving their eyes sufficient rest will often-times complain of problems like dark circles or puffy eyes. Working professionals forget or find no time to take proper rest due to impending deadlines and their busy hectic work schedules. They do not follow a specific sleeping schedule let alone sleeping for recommended hours and develop dark circles under their eyes. Therefore, it is continually suggested and advised to complete your set of sleeping hours. You as well as your body needs to take rest in order to function the way it is supposed to. For this reason, ensure that you are taking your recommended amount of nap time!

Press it Cold

How ti get rid from dark circle under eyes

Cold compress is another effective way to lighten the dark circles and to remove the puffiness under the eyes. You can make a DIY cold compress by placing used green tea bags in the refrigerator till they are cool enough. Take them out and place one on each eye separately. Keep them on your eyes till they are still cold. OR you can take an ice cube and wrap it in a cheesecloth and lightly press the dark areas with the puffiness around the eyes.

Conceal it

Another hack they may be really practical if you have lesser time and have to be somewhere within a short period of time is to cover the dark patches with the makeup.

Follow an Effective Skin Care Routine

You may or may not be following a skincare routine. If you are not already, you should start one right now. As the environment we live in is quite polluted and if age may not be the factor inducing dark circles under our eyes, environmental factors may play efficient role in doing such. If you are already following a skincare routine you may want to stop and ask yourself what might you be doing wrong or what might you not be doing at all? You need to get a comprehensive checklist for your skin type and check all the items you may not be using. After checking them out, chalk out the points as to why those product types are not included in our skincare. Most people do not include using a serum in their skincare regime despite its multiple useful results. A serum that includes Vitamins A, E and C are beneficial for your skin, it tightens the skin pores, promotes collagen formation, lightens the dark spots and hydrates the skin. Check out the Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum from the dEpPatch, it has skin rejuvenating properties and may prove holy grail to many of your skin ailments.

Professional Help

Apart from experimenting at home, you can seek professional help from your dermatologist or esthetician. They are skilled professionals and may only need to hear your case before telling you the absolute antidote for your skin dilemmas. Visiting a skin-specialist saves you time and disappointment that goes from trying different skincare products. Your dermatologist will pinpoint the root cause and will tell you ways to reduce the appearance of the dark circles, patches, and spots on and around your skin.

MicroCurrent Under Eye Patches

Most dermatologists have united on one common ground that routine use of face and eye masks is necessary for your skin. It is advised to use them bi-weekly or twice a week for better and effective results. New technology has been introduced in the skincare world, 'Microcurrent Technology'. This technology assists the product to go deeper into the skin to work at the roots of the problems. Under Eye Microcurrent Patches by the dEpPatch act on the same principles and help the product (Vitamin C Serum) reach the deeper zones into the skin. This is a way forward in the skincare world providing you with the esthetician or dermatologist level facial massage sitting at home