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Reuseable micro patch mask That Is Soothing, Brightening and Moisturizing

What can be worse than having hyperpigmentation affected and uneven skin? Hopefully, you can always get your natural skin back with the right skincare products such as micro patch mask. Face masks are something that leads to a perfect skincare routine. Moreover, they give you time to relax and help your skin to look at its best.

Since there are plenty of facial mask options are present to choose from, not every product succeeds in to fulfill its promises. That's why we are mentioning the best facial mask for hydrating, soothing, brightening, and moisturizing the skin.

Vitamin C serum

Microcurrent Full Face Mask

Unlike other traditional face masks, dEpPatch's introduce the most effective and unique skin care patches that includes microcurrent power.

What is Microcurrent Facial?

When microcurrent technology was introduced, initially it was only implemented by using two handheld prongs. The prongs emit low-voltage electrical currents that repair your damaged skin tissues. The power of these voltages is so low that it almost needs one million microcurrents to blow a 40-watt light bulb. 

As the treatment is costly and not everyone can afford, dEpPatch comes with the unique reusable under eye patches that includes the power of microcurrent with the addition of other essential ingredients.

About Skin Firming Face Mask

Our Full Face Mask Kit is an ideal package for those suffering from hyperpigmentation and looking for something that makes their skin to glow from InsideOut. The power of microcurrents works with the addition of hydrogel, which works exceptionally well to remove fine lines. It comes with our liquid gold vitamin C for skincare that keeps your skin hydrated and fresh. Once you bought our full face mask treatment kit, it can be used for at least one month. 

Use the micro patch mask with Best vitamin c brightening serum

You have to wash your face to make it clean and remove all the makeup (if any). After washing your face, apply a layer of liquid gold vitamin c serum and let it dry for at least one minute. After it is dry, apply microcurrent face mask for 30 minutes minimum. Use the best collagen product regularly to see quick results.

You can see the short video here to see how can you simply unpack the mask and apply it on your face.

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