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Tips to save you from various skin problems.

We all know that once in a lifetime we come across skincare problems even if we try our best to take care of it. The skincare industry is thriving over this concept and believe me it is overwhelming. To understand this dilemma there are thousands of skin care products launched in this market annually. In that much choice, it is really hard to choose the products that you need and really work well on your skin as well. Skin is the largest organism of a human body and each person’s skin is different from others. So, to take off your skin you need some tips which are going to guide you throughout your life. 

Here is the list of all those tips which can save you from various skin problems. 

  • Know what type of skin you have

  • Knowing about the type of your skin is the first step that you have to take before you buy anything to apply to it. If you don't know about the skin type that you possess then using the wrong products can lead to irritation, inflammation, and breakout of the acne on your skin. There are some products that can also cause premature aging if you use them wrong. So, before you are going to apply anything on your skin you should know the type of your skin and how it changes according to seasons. 


  • Know how to use skincare products
  • Applying skin products is one thing but applying it according to the proper procedure is another. If you don't know how to apply any significant product then you could prevent it from getting fully absorbed in your skin. There is an order to apply your skin products. First, you have to apply those products which have a lightweight formula. This will help your skin to absorb them easily and make room for heavy creams. Heavy creams take more time to get absorbed in the skin so give them at least 10 to 15 minutes. 


  • Avoid too much skin products
  • When it comes to applying products on your skin the phenomena of the more the better is wrong. Application of too much skin products can block your skin pores which makes it difficult for the skin to breathe. Your skin has a certain capacity to absorb these products; you can not overlay the product. It will just waste your product because your skin is not going to absorb it at all. 

  • Try to cleanse as much as you can
  • Before you apply anything on your skin it is very important to double cleanse your skin before you apply. This phenomenon will remove all the previously applied skin products from your skin and freshen it up as well. Cleansing twice will help you remove bacteria, dirt, and pollution from your skin as well. This will leave you a smooth clean layer of your skin to apply anti-aging Dark spot corrector or any other skin product. 


  • Always try a small amount of product first
  • It is a great way to know if this product is best for you or not. This is also called a patch test. Before you start using a product for your skin you should do a patch test to avoid any kind of side effects. You just have to take a small amount of the product and apply it to your skin. If it doesn’t lead to irritation and inflammation then the products are good for you. 



  • Check the date on your product
  • Usually, we don't look at the pack for the expiry date before we buy any of these beauty products. This is like you are willing to play with fire. Expired beauty products can lead to infections and irritations. After the expiry dates, these skin products become toxic and harmful for you. So, it is your responsibility to check the expiry date on the pack when you buy any skin product. 



  • Try organic products as well
  • We know that the market is filled with synthetic and industrial beauty products. These products will give you desirable results fast but also come with various side effects. On the other hand, organic skincare products are natural and provide you long term benefits. So, instead of using synthetic dark spot cream, you can use Natural dark spot correcting cream which is easily available here.


  • Skin purging is a natural process
  • Whenever you start applying any new skin product it will seem a little irritant. If your product is not expired then it can be the symptoms of skin purging which is natural. This is caused because of the pulling up of skin cells or skin water getting imbalanced. 


  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Sun exposure is almost cause of 90% of our skin problems. You can help your skin to stay healthy if you just stay away from the maximum sun exposure. Sun rays can make your skin age fast and it is awful. Use sunscreen whenever it goes out especially on the beach. Apply SPF 30 and a UVA 5-star rating sunscreen when going out. 



  • Try to use masks on a daily basis
  • Facial masks are mostly used occasionally when we have to look good for a party or on your wedding day. What you don't know that if you can make masks the regime of your daily routine it can benefit you on a whole another level. According to a study applying facial marks for 10 minutes, every morning will help your skin to stay hydrated, moisturized and soothing. It will remove any oily and acne symptoms from your face. Using facial masks can help your face to stay fresh all day long. 


  • Use of sleeping masks
  • If you guys have a very busy routine and don't get time to put on a face mask in the morning then sleeping masks is another option. If you put this mask before going to sleep it will help you recover your facial skin cells all night long. This technique will improve skin metabolism and regeneration process of your skin cells. This mask will also put a protective layer against bacteria and pollution all night long. 



  • Use skin products according to seasons
  • Your skin reacts differently to skin products according to seasons and weather conditions. So, it is important to switch up the skincare routine accordingly. In winter the combination of cool outer temperature and hot inside temperature can lead to dry skin. On the other hand in the summer season, the humidity and sun exposure will lead your skin to become the victim of dark spots, acne, and many other skin problems. So, it is important to know what product is best for what condition. 



  • Use skin products according to your age
  • Our skin has the tendency to change according to our age. You cannot claim that your skin is going to be the same at the age of 40 that it is at the age of 30. So, change your skin products according to your age. Wrinkles start appearing on our skin mostly after 40 so, getting an anti-aging wrinkle-free cream for you is the best option. As you get older your collagen level of the skin also declines and you have to provide moisture externally. So, as you get older examine the condition of your skin and then buy products accordingly. 



  • Drink plenty of Water

  • Drinking plenty of water will help you keep your body and skin hydrated and it reflects on your skin as well. It flushes out all the harmful toxins from your skin and helps you clean your system. Extra use of water will improve your skin tone and remove all the unimportant wrinkles from your body and you will get a firm naturally glowing skin. Instead of drinking sodas keep a bottle of water in your hand.

     You likewise need to ensure you drink a lot of water for the duration of the day – it's a skincare easy decision. On the off chance that you ask any model what their top skincare mystery is, it's to consistently remain hydrated and drink a lot of water. In case you're not drinking enough water, it can make your skin look dull and underscore barely recognizable differences (you should focus on in any event 2 liters every day).

  • Eat more fruits

  • Fruits are one of the biggest natural resources for vitamins, minerals and sugar content. These sweet natural treats will help you consume a great number of vitamins in a single day and prevent you from consuming junk food. Whenever you feel a little bit hungry instead of eating a burger or Pizza get fruit. The vitamin in fruits provide nourishment to your skin and help you maintain skin health. There are multiple fruits that you can eat to maintain the glow on your skin like

  • Keep your hormones in control
  • Hormones just not affect your mood but they also affect your skin. To get the idea of your monthly period cycle you can create a routine that will help your skin to live its life fully. This will help you to avoid acne during your monthly cycle. Add as much vitamin C and Zinc in your diet during the periods because at that time your hormones level is low. 

  • Make the best Use of the Vitamin C Serum
  • Vitamin C has always been a key element that helps your skin to stay healthy. This serum will not only help you to reduce dehydration from your skin but also maintain its smoothness. You can say that Vitamin C is key to maintaining a smooth, even, hydrating and glowy skin.

    At despatch provides you with the best Liquid Gold Vitamin for Skin Care that includes the power of additional Vitamin A + E. Vitamin E and A enhance the working of your skin cells as well as absorb it for a longer time. 

  • Try Exfoliation
  • This is a must-try technique to help your skin remove the dead cell and then grow new cells. There are two kinds of exfoliation processes. One is Physical and the other one is chemical. In the physical process, you can push your skin too hard that’s why the chemical technique is the best. You can use products that are based on AHA and BHA formula and then penetrate your skin to remove dead skin cells. This will help your skin to heal and breathe easily. 


  • Moisturization is the key
  • Dry skin is never considered as healthy skin. So, it is very important to keep your skin moisturized all the time. You can use different kinds of skin moisturizers that are available in the market or use home remedies as well. Coconut oil is the best natural moisturizer and you can make it a part of your skincare routine. 


  • Don't pop your pimple
  • Last but not least, the pimples. It is human nature that whenever a pimple arises on our skin our first reaction is to pop it. This is a very bad approach to heal your pimples. If you pop your pimples then it will lead to generating more pimple on your surrounding skin instead of healing. So, whenever you get a pimple it is best to leave it alone. After completing its cycle your body will recover automatically and you won’t end up with a scar as well. 

    So, here is the list of all those possible tips that you can use to improve your skincare routine. It will also help you to make good decisions as well according to your skincare products.