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What is Melasma? Melasma Mask Treatment


Melasma Mask Treatment

Melasma is a type of hyperpigmentation that results in brown or grey patches appear on the skin, and it's commonly seen in women. Based on the research of American Dermatology, 90% of people who suffer from melasma are women. To treat melasma you need the best face mask for tightening skin. It's also known as a mask of pregnancy when it appears on pregnant women. Making melasma one of the most common skin conditions, over Five (5) Million Americans experience it.


You will experience patches of discoloration that are darker than your normal skin color. Melasma mostly occurs on/around the face, but other parts of the body that are usually exposed to Sun can also develop melasma.

Melasma, Mostly, Occurs on

  • Cheeks
  • Forehead
  • Bridge of the nose
  • Chin

It does not lead to any physical harm or injury, but you may feel self-conscious about the way it looks.


Melasma occurs when your skin goes through an over-abundance of melanin in certain areas. Melanin is a substance that gives your body parts color,  like eyes, hair, and skin . People with dark complexions have more melanin in their body than people with light complexions.

Cells, known as melanocytes, produce melanin. Dermatologists explain that sometimes cells start making more melanin in certain areas. The excess of melanin causes dark patches on the skin, known as melasma.

Melasma also develops due to the UV rays coming from the sun. Your body parts that are exposed to Sun more are likely to be affected by melasma.

Treatment With Reusable Sheet Mask

dEpPatch’s DIY Sheet Mask

One of the major highlights of this Unique Face mask is to fade away the hyperpigmentation and melasma. This powerful treatment also rehydrates, refine, replenish, and rejuvenate your skin.

The complete treatment is a mixture of the mask itself with our special Vitamin C Serum, that removes dark circles and aging spots. By using this melasma mask treatment, you'll also get rid of acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun-damaged skin, and uneven skin tone. Hence, it is the best face mask for tightening skin you may have been searching for.

For a quick overview of how to apply this mask, watch this short tutorial.

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