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What is Microcurrent Technology? Working and Treatment With Micro Patch Mask


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It is a fact if the insides are healthy, so will be the outsides. The same goes for our skin. Keeping care of our skin involves giving attention to what is beneath the surface too. The facial skin mainly is made up of muscles that loosen over time. To keep it young investing in a good face tightening and anti-aging cream becomes important. Use vitamin (A, C, or E) serums to keep your skin moisturized. Our skin is our asset, and looking after it is our responsibility.

We cannot reverse aging or stop it completely. However, we can at the minimum, age elegantly!  Microcurrent technology is all about making you look younger. It is the secret behind the perfect skins of celebrities like Jennifer Aniston nowadays. If you are looking for a skin tightening treatment that does not involve needles, Microcurrent Technology is the answer for you. It has many benefits to your facial skin. It lifts the eyebrows and facial muscles, improves the facial muscle tone, and reduces the wrinkles and fine lines around the face. 

How Does Microcurrent Technology Work?

Typical skin care products do not go to the depth inside the layers of the skin. Therefore, the problems are left untreated in the core, and they develop again over time. The microcurrent technology penetrates deep into the skin. Products having microcurrent technology as their base have helped to lift and tone the facial muscles. It works at the smallest level possible, i.e., the cells. It revitalizes your skin and prompts the endorphins to work so that you feel great. These products reduce puffiness under eyes and tighten pores. This technology has opened up a new frontier in skincare and has revolutionized it.



Why dEpPatch Uses Micro Patch Mask?

The dEpPatch has created a unique and innovative formula for its products. We use microcurrent technology as the main constituent for our products to penetrate into the deep skin layers. What it means is, the product gets to the layers within and then works. It is an instant solution to all skincare problems. It stimulates the microcurrent of our body which helps tightening the muscles that make up our skin.

The advantages of using this technology are many, to name a few,

-Skin Tightening

-Collagen Muscle Strengthening

-Eyebrow and Face Lift

-Defined Facial Features

-Reduced Wrinkles and Fine Lines

-Reduced Anti-ageing Signs

-Improved Blood Flow and Circulation

The dEpPatch microcurrent skin care patches and face masks work perfectly with the Vitamin C serums. Check out the dEpPatch Full Face Kit and follow this tutorial for help.