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Why should you own an best under eye bag mask?

Crow's feet or loosening of skin around eyes is a common problem. It can occur at any age, including your mid-20s due to the thin layer of skin and lack of oil glands around the eye. Several people often complain of having to deal with it. Age and exposure to UV rays are primary contributing agents for crow's feet. Another leading cause is sleeping late at night or skipping it at all. Irregular sleeping pattern is one of the major factors that lead to the loosening of skin around eyes, leading to the permanent appearance of visible lines. As the elasticity of the skin around the thin layer lessens, the skin is incapable of bouncing back to its original state because of weak collagen. 

Under Eye Bag

We cannot carry each and every skincare product to follow a complete skin regime while traveling (obviously), therefore, we often overlook our skin, and, we do not give our skin health that importance and compromise on it.  Our skin is our asset and we should take care of it at all times even during traveling. Especially, if you are planning to go mountain trekking or sunbathing on the beach, you should always use a sunscreen to protect your skin against the Ultra Violet Rays. Not using a sunblock may lead to severe sunburns on the exposed skin areas. It can damage your facial skin leading to redness and appearance of fine lines. Prolong exposure to the sun can radicalize the aging process making your skin loose and wrinkled particularly around eyes as the skin there is relatively thin.

For these very reasons, you should always carry your under-eye patches and serums with you at all times. But while traveling carrying such skincare kits with luggage gets really troublesome. Keeping this in view, dEpPatch has come up with an Under Eye Patch Travel Kit.

Features of a diy face mask for under-eye bags

Travel Kit comes with two mini 10ml serum tubes, and one set of Under Eye patches. The patches are reusable up to 8 times. The travel kit is suitable for those who are packing up for a vacation or you can carry it around with you at all times. 
Travel Kit

How to use eye wrinkle remover

  • Before applying onto your skin, make sure it is completely clean! Remove all makeup and skincare products. 
  • Only apply a thin layer of the  Vitamin C Serum which is included in the kit and allow it to dry for at least one minute.
  • Place the dEpPatch patches under your eyes and wait for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the patches and place them back in original packaging.
  • Follow up with the Dark Spot Correcting Cream also included in the kit or your preferred moisturizer.

The Under Eye Patch Kit reduces the appearance of the fine lines around the eyes and the Under Eyebags. It helps tightens the collagen and helps rejuvenate the skin. So, carry the Under Eye dEpPatch Kit with you at all times and forget about visible fine lines around your eyes!