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Why The Packaging Of Your Vitamin C Serum Matters

Without a doubt Vitamin C in serum form is one of the best things to add to an everyday skincare regimen! 

A quick Amazon search will show you that there are hundreds of different vitamin C serums to choose from and almost all are all packaged in the same way- in an eye dropper style bottle. Usually brown, but sometimes clear as well. 

Though making it easy to apply vitamin c serum, an eye dropper has many downsides to how vitamin c should be properly stored. 

This one mistake almost all skincare companies are making is allowing their vitamin c serums to be exposed to light and oxygen. Vitamin C is an unstable molecule that will oxidize when exposed to light. An eye dropper exposes the vitamin C serum to oxygen the first time you open it, starting the oxidization process. 

This makes most serums out there a waste of not only time but money!

It can also make these serums more harmful to your skin. Oxidized vitamin C serum becomes more acidic which equals further irritated skin. The serum will also lose all of its potency once it has oxidized, rendering it useless. 

The solution? Use a vitamin C serum that is packaged in an airless pump! 

Our choice? This 20% Vitamin C Liquid Gold Infusing Serum.

It's packaged in air airless pump with beautiful gold packaging. It also is loaded with antioxidants and hints of vitamins A + E to enhance the natural properties of vitamin C.