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Why You Should Avoid Hydroquinone When Removing dark circles Under Eyes

Many skin lightening and dark spot correcting serums, creams and facial peels include hydroquinone as the main ingredient. This chemical has been around in skincare for many years, but in recent times has become controversial because it is banned in several countries, including the European Union. 


Why is Hydroquinone So Bad With Under Eye Patches for Dark Circles

It's carcinogenic

Recently, studies have shown that hydroquinone has carcinogenic effects when used on the skin. Carcinogenic means it has the potential to cause cancer! It is also considered to be toxic to cells (cytotoxic) and mutagenic. 

Worried about all these scary sounding words? You should be! 

It can cause exogenous ochronosis

When hydroquinone is used long-term, which is common as many people include it in their everyday skincare regime, it can cause a condition known as exogenous ochronosis which causes the skin to turn bluish/black in color. Since hydroquinone inhibits melanin production, it can cause long-term damage to pigmentation cells. 

It can make your skin even more sensitive to the sun and UV rays. 


Hydroquinone can make your hyperpigmentation and dark spots worse! Since it inhibits your melanin pigments, your skin will become more sensitive to sunlight and will increase your exposure to UV rays. 

When used on the skin the day and exposed to sunlight, hydroquinone will turn toxic. Which is even worse for your skin! 

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