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Solution Guide to most common age patches skin problems.

Age patches are also known as lentigines and liver spots. They are annoying marks that appear on our skin due to excessive sun exposure. They are not painful, but nobody wants them on their skin. They medically start appearing at the age of 50 and above, but younger people can also experience them due to spending more time in the sun. There are simple remedies you can do to get rid of them. They make you look weird and ruin your beauty looks and expressions. These lentigines spots are flat and darker than your normal skin.


The overproduction of sebum is responsible for oily skin. Sebum comes from sebaceous glands that are present under the skin's surface. As sebum helps protect and moisturize the skin, but too much sebum leads to oily skin.

Dark Spot Correcting + Anti Aging Cream

What can be more beneficial than replacing age spots with glowing and even skin tone? This chemical-free and 100 percent organically produced skincare product is exceptional for removing dark patches and age spots from your skin. It reverses sun damage from the face quickly because of its unique WU ZHU YU & ANTI-AGING PEPTIDE elements. WU ZHU YU is an ancient Chinese herb that is used to promote micro-circulation. During therapy, avoid sun exposure and use SPF sunscreen to see results quickly.

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Laser Therapy: 

Laser therapy can easily remove age spots quickly as compare to standard creams, but this can be quite expensive. Furthermore, your skin must be smart enough to handle laser rays. Typically, you'll need to see your dermatologist two or three times for treatment.


Cryotherapy removes age spots by freezing them with a liquid nitrogen solution. Since it's a quick and safe treatment for age spots, you need to consult an experienced dermatologic surgeon. Before the actual treatment, the dermatologist will review your medical history and conduct a physical test and discuss the potential risks of the procedure. Like laser therapy, this treatment is also expensive!

Chemical Peeling

Like Cryotherapy, chemical peels also used a chemical solution to remove the outer layer of old skin along with those age spots. The new skin you'll get will be smoother and less wrinkled in the presentation. Before treatment, the dermatologist will examine your skin condition if it's good to deal with chemical peeling. Change in Hormone, Genetics, and stress contribute to sebum production, according to the dermatologists.

There's nothing to be worry because it is more likely that we all suffer from acne breakout once in our lifetime, and people with oily skin, experience these breakouts more frequently.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serums are magical for oily skin as they have antioxidant properties, which help to remove wrinkles, fine lines, acne, and dark spots. They firm your skin by building collagen, keep skin clear, and ph balanced.

Watch out from serums that include smelly and harmful chemicals because they are not suitable for sensitive skin. Currently, the most famous and used serum in the USA is Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum by dEpPatch. This ( 20% gold liquid vitamin C serum) can be used on any skin type, the specially formulated product absorbs into the body faster and stays longer. Moreover, this product also helps to reduce pores and wrinkles.

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Make Use Of Honey

Natural honey includes antibacterial and antiseptic abilities that help in recover oily and acne-prone skins. To treat oily skin, apply a thin layer on your face, and let it dry for 15 minutes. After it's dry, use warm water to wash your face. Continue the process daily to see positive results.

Aloe Vera

Using the Aloe Vera gel is a traditional remedy for common skin problems. It mostly used for comforting sun-burns and other regular skin problems. It can be used to treat oily skin because it contains natural astringent properties.

The most prominent way is that you apply a thin layer to your face before bedtime and leave it until morning.


Aloe vera is also known for allergic reactions on sensitive skin. If you didn't use aloe vera before, it's better to test a small amount on your forearm.

Preventing Oily Skin

  • Practice consistent skincare
  • Avoid unhealthy foods such as fried food, foods that are high in sugar, and likewise
  • Use skin care products that labeled noncomedogenic (less likely to clog pores)
  • Don't try home remedies that aren't well-researched.
  • Visit dermatologist

Dark spots, acne, and hyperpigmentation are the signs that show your skin produces more melanin than usual. Melanin is responsible for giving your eyes, hair, and skin their color.

The dark spots color mostly depend on the tone of a person's skin and are not painful. They can also vary in size and can develop in any area of the body. Most people experience dark spots on:

  • back of the hands
  • face
  • shoulders

Dark spots are not harmful, but they make you look much older than you really are, and also they ruin the entire face look and beauty.

Removing Dark Spots

This Dark Spot Correcting + Anti Aging Cream dermatologist-tested and one of the top skincare products of USA is produced by using 100% organic & natural ingredients. The energy of Wu Zhu Yu and Beta Peptide helps you removing dark spots quickly. Top ingredients include seaweed, hops, pine, and wheat bran that helps in even skin tone and rejuvenate.

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Ingredients to Use 

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential in your skincare routine. It has antioxidants that help to block free radicals and produce balanced melanin in the skin. According to dermatologists, regular use of vitamin C can help remove dark spots from forming in the first place!

Try Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum. It has the additional properties of Vitamin A + E which keeps your skin hydrated and remove dark spots from your body quickly!

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Lemon Juice

Lemon juice contains acidity which acts as a bleaching agent and reduces discoloration from your body. But be aware that lemon juice does not react friendly on sensitive skin. So apply a small amount of lemon juice on your hand to test how your skin takes it. If it is good to go, then use cotton balls to apply the liquid to the damaged area.

Aloe Vera Gel

The Aloe Vera Gel contains vitamins A, C, and E, which are exceptional to reduce dark spots and for even skin tone. Using Aloe Vera Gel for skin care is an old traditional method that has been working perfectly even today as compared to many other harmful skincare products. Although you can purchase aloe vera gel from any health food store it's recommended to use it directly from the plant.


There are many therapies available in the market to remove age spots, but you have to choose the right one that suits your skin type and financial summary. The safest option is to go with natural skin care products in order to reduce the risk factor!