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How to Take Care of Oily Skin?

Your skin is your asset. Whatever your skin type is, it needs to be taken care of. Taking time out for your skin is as essential as taking in a proper diet. Dermatologists and estheticians advice to follow a skin care routine and to start early. While looking after your skin bears fruit always, starting out in the early 20s is the perfect time to maintain an apt skin care regime. It is important to mention here that what may work for someone else may not work for you, it completely depends on your skin type, skin condition and the skin needs. A lot of products work best for the dry skin such as moisturizers but that does not mean that if you have oily skin you do not put on a moisturizer. As a matter of fact, your skin condition may need more moisturizing.

Oily Skin

Do I have Oily Skin?

Well, this is the question that may bother you at times. To determine whether you have oily skin, do the “tissue dab” test. Remove all the makeup items from your face at night and do not put on any skin care product. Sleep bare faced. In the morning, dab a tissue on your face. If most of your facial areas are oily, you may have oily skin. If only a certain area on your face is oily and the rest of it is dry, you may have Combination Skin. You can read more about it here.

What to Do About Oily Skin?

A popular belief prevalent among public is that oily skin does not need moisturizing. It is not true. While it may need less moisturizing as compared to a dry skin, it still needs to get that moisturizer on to maintain its healthy glow!

Skin Care Routine for Oily Skin

The skincare routine for oily skin may be less hectic than the other skin types but it still needs a fitting regime to maintain the natural glow and texture. As the oily skin is more prone to the acne-related problems, therefore, you need to get products that are “mattifying” in their capabilities and properties. Products should not increase the “oily” texture of your skin but they should work towards mattifying it or to prevent it getting more oily. For this reason, it is always advised to get those skincare products that work well for your skin problems and needs. It takes time to find the “right” product but once you do, Hold Onto It.

You need to make your skin care routine keeping in view that your main goal is to keep the pores of your skin less oily, it means, the oil content should not be accumulated in them.

Use Clay Cleansers!

Start your day off with washing off your face with a mild clay cleanser. Clay cleansers work the best for the oily skins (as well as the acne-prone skin). Splash your face off with warm water, cleanse your face thoroughly with a good clay cleanser. Wash again with mild to warm temperature. It is advised to let your face air-dry but you can also dab a clean face cloth on your face. Do not rub it on your face. 

Pro Tip: Keep blotting sheets (or facial napkins, if you can find one) always with you. Keep dabbing at regular intervals to keep that extra shine on your face in check.

Invest in a Matte Moisturiser

Your skin needs that needful moisturizing. Skipping on using the moisturizer can actually leave your skin with more oiliness as it may produce oil to compensate for the lack of “needed” moisture. The skincare market is filled with such products that moisturize your skin, keep the glow and give a matte finish. Consider investing in such products. Use such makeup products that are for, particularly for the oily skin, such as oil-free foundations. 

Try Multiple Face Masks

Face masks can prove themselves holy grail to your skin type and its condition. Multiple brands and kinds of face masks are available in the skincare market today that are for every skin type. There are several masks for oily skin too, you just need to invest some time to find out what might work for your skin type or what kind of face mask will be proper and fit to use for the condition your skin is facing. Wise decision is to get a mask that works for multiple problems such as the Full Face Mask from the dEpPatch, it comes with in package Vitamin C Serum. You apply that onto your face followed by the face mask. It works towards tightening the skin, minimizing the appearance of the pores on the facial skin, lifting up the face while keeping the needed moisture locked in thus leaving your skin hydrated and radiantly young.