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The Microcurrent skincare patches and the full face mask are designed to reduce the aging problems of the skin like fine lines and crows feet. They are effective in reversing the signs of no sleep and help even your skin tone. Moreover, they are made specifically for skin tightening and collagen strengthening. These Microcurrent Face Patch Kits lift up your brows and define your facial features just like a facial would. Everyone wants a young-looking radiant skin that is not prone to aging, dark spots, puffy eyes, and fine lines. The dEpPatch Micro Patch Masks provide you just that to revitalize your skin and make you more confident.

Our skin ages with us. Sometimes the extreme external conditions such as harsh weather or pollution accelerate the skin aging process leaving us with sagging skin. It is called “Extrinsic Aging.” Being in the sun for too long also contributes towards the already made damage to our skin. The needleless and painless solution to this lies in the Microcurrent Facials. Microcurrent technology has taken over the skincare industry.

Therefore at dEpPatch, we have gathered around to create Microcurrent Patches for Under Eye Bags and Microcurrent Full Face Mask Kit so that you can get the results of professionally done facial while sitting at home. They work the best with the dEpPatch’s Liquid Gold 20% Vitamin C Serum and the White Out Lightening (Anti-Aging) Cream. You only need to apply the thin layer of Vitamin C serum or the anti-aging cream (depending on your skin needs) and then put on these masks. These masks are made up of natural active ingredients and help rejuvenate your skin. At dEpPatch, we believe in providing you with a skincare line that is completely natural and gives out excellent results.